The Global Citizens English Project

CRLL (Content Rich Language Learning) for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship

THE GLOBAL CITIZENS ENGLISH PROJECT is a CRLL (Content Rich Language Learning) project that aims to educate students to become active global citizens and proficient in the English language.

Based on the CLIL principles, we use a CRLL (Content Rich Language Learning) approach

to develop LINGUISTIC, SOCIAL and CULTURAL competences

using the SDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals) as the framework for our diverse range of programs.

On our unique co-curricular and extra-curricular programs, primary and secondary aged school pupils LEARN KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS and LANGUAGE as well as ATTITUDES and VALUES to MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE for people, animals and the environment.

Our students think globally, act locally, connect with the wider community and make a difference through cross-curricular PBL (Project Based Learning) and learning based on projects integrated with the SDGs using STORIES, FILM, NATURE, ARTS n CRAFTS, GAMES, DRAMA, MUSIC and ICT as some of our tools

that help teach and learn FOR and ABOUT the GLOBAL GOALS.

In- and outside of the classroom we use proven teaching strategies that especially increase the quality and quantity of oral output and we ensure the right balance of speaking, writing, reading and listening skills. 

At THE GLOBAL CITIZENS ENGLISH PROJECT we teach 21st CENTURY SKILLS for life-long learning, through highly motivating activities that fully engage our students in the language and content learning process with the professional language support they need.

With 15 years experience in Cambridge exam preparation and as providers of Cambridge exam preparation teacher training workshops, our programs remain compatible with the Cambridge exam syllabus and upon request we also prepare students for Cambridge exams. 

To enhance the development of linguistic and intercultural competences of our students in real-life situations, in the UK and Ireland we have a special network of partner schools who welcome Global Citizens English program participants at any time throughout the academic year or during holiday periods. We strongly believe that an overseas stay in an English speaking country plays a key role in both the personal development and academic progress of our plurilingual global citizens. 

Alternatively, to celebrate learning during the month of July, we can also offer a tailor-made Global Citizens English Summer Camp in your school grounds. 

Our professionally qualified and experienced teachers are from all around the world and are also fully trained and supported by the GLOBAL CITIZENS ENGLISH PROJECT through our own regular teacher training workshops and extensive teaching resource bank. We are a professional team, truly dedicated to Content Rich Language Learning in an Education for Sustainable Development context. For us, all students can and all students are champions!

Would you like to know more about how we can help you INCREASE STUDENTS MOTIVATION for learning and using English?

Schools, AMPAS....Please contact us!




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